Protected by Ezhimala and Madaippara, the Village Vengara has witnessed many historical events. Ezhimala was the Capital of ancient Ezhimala Kindgom and now this place the Head Quarters of the proposed Naval Academy (The biggest one in its kind in Asia). The history reveals that Tipu Sultan, the Lion of Mysore has passed through this place during his battle forward to Kerala. He attacked ‘Madaikkavu’ and ‘Vadukunda Temples’ located on nearby hill Madayippara, for the sole object of looting the enormous wealth kept in those places. Still the remains of a fort belongs to Tipu lying on Madayippara. He made a canal between Payangadi River and Moolakkeel River, called ‘Sultan Thodu’ (Sultan Canal) for the easy movement of cargo. Now, this canal has an important role to do with the proposed ‘Malabar Tourism Promotion Program.’ Historians say that once this place was a part of Arabian Sea hundreds of years ago. When the sea withdrew at last, there remained sandy land which people called ‘Ven Kara’ (White land in local tongue). Later ‘Ven Kara’ became Vengara by use.

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